Ticket Stub Memory Box

30 Sep

ticket memoryAre you always out and about checking out the latest movies, going to the hottest concerts or maybe just attending all these events where you are constantly given tickets? What’s a girl like you to do with all those tickets at the end of the night? Don’t throw them away! Here is a cute idea to keep the tickets and the memories that come with it too…  

A ticket memory box is perfect for all those DIY loving ladies that want to keep their tickets and show them off while they’re at it. It can be as simple as you like or as outrageous as you wish it to be. The best thing about this is it looks better and better over time.

To make it is pretty easy to make!

Buy a shadow box frame, on the top create a slit for the tickets to go through. Grab your favourite paper or cardboard to fit inside the frame. Decorate it and then stick it to the backing of the frame with some double sided tape and that’s it. Here are some of my favourite ones I came across online.

Perfect for any travelers who have just been on a holiday, or might be going on one soon…

ticket memory box tracel

How cool does this one look! Anyone free to go to a show soon?

ticket memory box glasses

You won’t forget a thing with this cute box!
All those movies, theme park trips, shows, concerts…

ticket memory boxx

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– Lights x


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