Jones Soda Co.

30 Sep

jones-sodaCalling Dr Jones, Dr Jones wake up now!! 

Ever seen this label before?
More importantly, have you ever tasted this on your tongue before?

Jones Soda is a product I have been aware of and thoroughly enjoyed for many years. In Australia, I found it a difficult drink to find, but everytime I found it, I definitely bought one.

Here in Canada, it is definitely easier to find these Jones drinks, in places such as Old Navy, Starbucks, in 711s and some food courts.

But this drink line is amazing and deserves to be shared to you!

Check it out

But so what? This is a soda…

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 7.00.38 PMWell this soda is completely based around the consumer.
It is never found to be very expensive. It is decorated by the customers with our photos!
You can also custom these photos on the website and send in your own designs. How cool would that be for your photo to be selected and sold on bottles all over the globe?

It is independently bought out of Seattle and dedicated to bringing out flavours that are just a little bit out of the normal.

– Jecca


One Response to “Jones Soda Co.”

  1. themysterymeat September 30, 2013 at 12:13 am #

    Amazing soda. My favorite is the green apple.

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