Grand Theft Auto 5

23 Sep

This one goes out to all you gaming loving ladies… and for all those who are wondering what is GTA V and why it’s all over your Facebook news feed!


GTA V stands for Grand Theft Auto 5, the new game from the Grand Theft Auto series, that was released at midnight on September 16th. This game has caused the biggest hype since their last release of GTA IV in 2008, with improved graphics, storyline and game play, the wait has been worth the while.

According to the experts, GTA V, which costed $292 million to make, was expected to make roughly $1 billion within the first month of sales.

Boy oh BOY, did they get it wrong!

In the first 24 hours of its release, GTA V made roughly 1 BILLION DOLLARS! Yep, they made their expected monthly sales just in the FIRST day of sales… Christmas has definitely came early for those lucky game makers!


As I’m not a gamer myself, the closest to ‘gaming’ I get is The Sims 3, here is an extensive review by a gamer chick herself, who works as a Game Editor for IGN UK, Keza MacDonald aka Kezaaargh – Grand In Every Sense.

Happy gaming everyone!

– Lights x


One Response to “Grand Theft Auto 5”

  1. Melalish September 24, 2013 at 11:40 am #

    WWHHHHAAAAATTTTT – that’s a lot of dosh

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