Fruit Fly Trap!

23 Sep

No harsh chemicals!
Takes less than two minutes!

Get rid of those yuckies dirty bugs today!!!

Fruit Flies are annoying! No one likes them around their food, it makes things feel germy and contaminated.
Don’t worry, they wont actually bite you, just makes your home feel dirty.
Everyone is going to have a problem with that at some point, especially if you live near water.
They are attracted to fruit and beer clearly. But they are also attracted to anything with moisture!

Have you ever wondered why they always hang around sinks?
Well disgustingly enough, they actually nest in your drains!!!! Ewwwwwww

Getting Rid Of Them:

Make sure you put away all food that sits out, so sorry, you will have to store your fruit bowl somewhere else.
You will also need to to make sure you are constantly taking out your rubbish.

So stick some bleach or boiling hot water down that sink and kill that nest….

But even though you have killed the nest, you are going to have those stranglers hanging around. This is where our awesome DIY Fruit Fly Trap comes in handy! And it is so easy to make! And all the utensils will be lying around your house!

– Old Container
– Elastic Band
– Cling Wrap
– Scraps of Fruit
– Washing Detergent
– Something sharp to pin holes; small scissors, pen, nail, etc.

1. Squirt some dish soap into your container

2. Put some sort of fruit scrap into your old container (citrus fruit is ideal!)

3. Pull glad wrap tightly over the container.

4. Put the elastic band over the top of the container.

5. With a sharp object, poke small holes in the top of the glad wrap. Large enough for them to get it, but not big enough to figure out how to get out if they do not get stuck on the dish soap.

6. Make sure the cling wrap is tight and you are all done!!! Put the trap near a sink or your recycling cans (a common hangout) and hopefully you will get rid of these critters for good!

Here Is A Video I Made For You!
This is how easy it is!

– Jecca xox


One Response to “Fruit Fly Trap!”

  1. Melalish September 24, 2013 at 11:27 am #

    Now that’s being fruitful !!

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