You Move Out of Home…And Its Moving In Time!

16 Sep


This is just super exciting!
Who doesn’t love the moving in part! (The packing part sucks but once that is over it is all uphill from there!)

First Things First:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGrab your camera and a notebook, and do a slow walk through of your new house/unit/apartment. You need to write down and take photos of every single bit of damage you find. I am talking dents, scratches, holes in the wall (from picture hangings) and whatever else you find. You need to make sure you have everything covered. Without evidence, the landlords can pin anything on you. And when you eventually move out, you want to give them no reason to keep your dollars!

Have A Copy:
Have a copy of your rental agreement printed and somewhere safe. This way you know your rights. They also have no way of adding things this way without your consent.


Now we know that all you want to do is move in and not clean… But, although your house is new to you, people have previously lived here… And as optimistic as you are, you don’t know what people have done living in your house prior. It would be easiest to do this before you move all your stuff in, but of course you can always work around stuff.

Important Places to Wipe Down:
– Oven
– Bath/ Shower
– Fridge
– Cupboards that you will be putting your cups and plate in/on

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWalmart was personally my best friend. I got all the important things I needed for under $500 for my whole house!
Places like IKEA, Kmart, and large department stores you will find a love for.
This is the best part!

Grab a friend, grab a trolley or two and pic out your new home furniture!
Remember at first you only need the basics.

– Bed
– Kitchen Utensils
– Couch

Saving Money:

You can buy a futon instead of a bed
You can buy a beanbag instead of a couch

Things You Might Want:
– Iron
– Kettle
– Toilet Brush
– Dustpan and Brush
– Mop or Swiffer
– Bins
– Coffee Table


Those Things People Forget!
Here is a list of things to make sure you get on your shopping list!

– Shower Curtains
– Bathmat
– Towels, Tea Towels & Facecloths
– Sponges & Dishcloths
– Paper towels
– Toilet Paper
– Bedsheets
– Dish & Washing Detergents
– Tissues

If you are paying for water, heat, electrictiy or anything you need to make sure you set up your accounts with the necessary companies so you do not miss a bill and get overcharged or miss a payment.

Tid Bits and What Nots:
– Make sure you update your address with things like voting enrolment, drivers license, bank, phone company, etc.


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