Have A Cup Of Tea

16 Sep

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe English were onto something!

Tea is amazing!
But not just for a drink of yumminess; there are things it helps with too!!!


For decades, it has been a problem solver, a conversational drink, and something to cheer you up.
Having a bad day? Someone offers you a cup of tea.
Feeling ill? Someone will offer you a cup of tea.
Have some news to share? Someone will offer you a cup of tea.
You walk into someone’s new home? Someone will offer you a cup of tea. 

You get it. Tea is popular.

Tea in General:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA– Tea is hydrating! (Yay!)
– Tea has been proved in certain studies to prevent particular diseases and cancers.
– There is a different type of tea for every palette.

But now, what teas should you use for what?


Examples: Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Chai
– Source of Caffeine! If you are trying to deter from coffee or don’t like it, here is another great way to wake up in the morning!
– Helps strengthen your immune system. So if you are feeling sick…hint! Gives you energy to keep getting through that work day and fighting that cold!

Green Tea:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA– Kills fat! Yeah, we all love that! But seriously. Some people don’t even like the taste of green tea, they only drink it because they know it kills fat.
– Apparently slows down the wrinkling process! Again, who doesn’t love that!
– Lowers cholesterol
– Fights against tumours and certain cancers
– Fights against tooth decay

Herbal Teas:

Now it depends how technical you want to be…. Some people argue that herbal tea is not actually tea because it is infused with other plants and flavours…and not made from the “tea plant”. But whatever, it counts!

Chamomile Tea:

– Having sleep problems or need to feel calm? This is the drink! If you are having it before bed remember to have it an hour or so beforehand because otherwise you are just going to make yourself pee.
– Got a speech at uni you are feeling nervous about? The perfect drink to have to try and calm those jitters. Not 100% effective, but it is better than pumping caffeine in while you already feel jittery..


– Relieves bloating. Helps relieves that time of month ladies!!
– Settles nausea.
– Relieves gas. Hey, there comes a time in everyone’s lives when we all need a bit of relief.
– Helps sooth motion sickness
– Naturally helps freshen breath

* Make it better *- If you go to Starbucks, ask them to give you a Refresh teabag with steamed lemonade. If you like something a little bit sweet, but minty, this is delicious! No it is not on the menu, just a drink we (Baristas) have come up with. 

Ginger Tea:

– Ginger in general is amazing for upset tummies, so this tea is obviously awesome for nausea.
– Is a natural energiser.

Rooibus Tea:

– It is a high source of Vitamin C, and has other health benefits.
– Fights the signs of ageing. Woo, stop those wrinkles!

So enjoy and have a cuppa!!!

– Jecca xo


2 Responses to “Have A Cup Of Tea”

  1. andiradi September 16, 2013 at 3:07 am #

    Reblogged this on AntiRadiation.

  2. Melalish September 24, 2013 at 11:37 am #

    Agreed – tea is good for EVERYTHING.

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