Travelling Fashionista

26 Aug

Mel and Brooke St Kilda - BWI was beyond excited when my father came home with three plane tickets to Melbourne (in Victoria, Australia) for him, my mother and I. So many people have told me its definitely a place a fashion lover like me should be…

We touched down in Melbourne airport and only had 5 days to explore the wonder of such a beauteous capital city of Australia… Honestly, I had my phone in hand the whole time, taking pictures everywhere I went. The simplest of things were just so pretty (old buildings, graffitied alley ways, the old trams).


On day one, we dumped our luggage in our rented apartment in New Quay; this area is on the outskirts of the CBD (central business district) and overlooks the expensive boats on the docks. After we settled in, we took the free City-Circle tram to the CBD and found a unique 1920’s carnival themed pancake house for lunch (delicious!). We then made our way to the Old Melbourne Gaol. There was some serious history to be learnt at the same gaol where Australian Icon Ned Kelly was hanged (I got to stand on the very gallows where this occurred); twas truly amazing.


Day two was filled with one of the most exciting things… Shopping!!! From department stores in the main streets, to little boutiques found down alley-ways, my mum and I were on a mission. But we were so surprised at the sheer number of stores, cafe’s and restaurants that were able to be crammed into such a small area…

Day three, we made our way down to Southbank; it houses what most capital cities do (eg gardens, museums) and yet, my biased opinion says ITS JUST BETTER!

We checked out the botanical gardens, the HUGE National Gallery of Victoria (I wish we had more time to look at every piece) and then the collosal Shrine of Remembrance located in the King’s Domain which allows all visitors to climb the staircase to the top of the monument and look out over Melbourne. This monument was a real favourite (especially for a history nut like me), as it honours those who have fought and died for our country.


Day four, we decided to hire a car and head down south to check off something on our family’s Bucket List; travel the Great Ocean Road and see the famous Twelve Apostles. The drive is absolutely glorious when you hit the beachside. If we had more time, we would’ve stopped every 5 minutes for a photo… But time was against us…


When we finally reached the Apostles (only 8 actually remain, due to erosion), we were blown away mentally and physically (the ice cold winds were ferocious). How is it that rock formations can be so exquisite???

After MANY photos and exploring more famous sights down the road, we left for home. Overall it was an 11 hour trip. That includes the pit stops and food-munching times. And we didnt even complete the approximate 250km road.


The last day, we headed 15 minutes out of the CBD to a gorgeous spot called St Kilda. 100 year old houses line the streets looking out onto the ocean… The Luna Park theme park sits on the waters edge… Beautiful.

Oh and we were lucky, because sunday is MARKET DAY! So of course the three of us were buying last minute goodies…

Then came the sad moment in the afternoon when we had to leave for the airport…

Oh how I did not want to say goodbye…

Everybody was right, Melbourne was definitely a place a fashionista like me needed to be. But I also found, that its a place where everyone -art lovers, history nuts, business people, retirees, new families and people looking for a fresh start- need to be. Its so diverse. So easy to love. A must see destination!

– Chookie xox


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