Just Cannot Fall Asleep

26 Aug

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhether it is because we are stressed, excited or just having “one of those nights” for the tenth time in a row, we all go through stages where sleeping is just not happening for us.

If counting sheep is not doing it for you, click here!

If you are feeling run down throughout your day, it makes everything unpleasant.
If you are feeling stressed, all your mind does it tick.

No matter the reason why you cannot sleep, here are some tips to try and trick that over working brain of yours to go into sleep mode. Be aware that everyone is different and not everything will work for every person.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA– Don’t look at the time! We all do it but you have to resist the temptation. Counting how many hours there is left until you have to wake up is helping nobody, and you know it….

– Try lullubies! It may sound ridiculous, but it does work! They do not just work for babies!

– Put on the television and fall asleep in from of a romantic or calm movie that you have seen 1001 times. The familiarity of the movie will not keep you awake because you are fearful to miss the storyline.

-If you like the smell of lavender, lavender oil will be your best friend.
You put a few drops on your neck or wrists.

– Make sure you are eating dinner a minimum of three hours before you are going to bed. Your food needs to be digested otherwise there is a chance it is giving you the energy to stay awake.

But also with that, do not go to bed hungry! This is only going to make you sleep badly, restlessly or make you feel ill when you wake up.

– Breathe and stay calm. Do not get frustrated with yourself for not dropping like its hot. Getting frustrated with yourself only makes it worse.

– Warm baths before bed. This one has been working since the old days.

– Drinking chamomile tea after dinner. Do it so you have plenty of time to relax, but enough time that you can pee it out before you actually crash. If you do it too late, you are just going to wake yourself up again when nature comes a knocking….

– Clean sheets or PJS. Do not underestimate the body’s love for comfy clothing and sheets! If you are not comfy, cozy or clean, there is less likelihood you will crash easily.

– Keep a sleeping routine if possible (which is impossible for some of us, don’t worry, we know!) If are not a shift worker, definitely try to get this routine in place. Go to bed about the same time each night, and wake up around the same time each morning.

– If you are not sleeping because of stress or because you are angry, you need to distract your mind. Reading a book where your imagination is taken elsewhere than your current problems is the best way to go. Try and let go of your anger and stress as best you can.

– Try the couch. Sometimes being somewhere other than your bed is the best place to be! Or maybe the floor with a sleeping bag. It is hilarious the places we can drop when we are super tired!



One Response to “Just Cannot Fall Asleep”

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