You Want to Get Rid of Period Pain!

19 Aug

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe all get a period.
The joys of being a woman…
But some of us get them more cruelly than others.
And we want to get rid of them!

It hurts. It is horrible! Period pain is the worst part of the periods.

If you are one of those fortunate little bunnies who get period pain rarely, or never…you have no idea how envious we sufferers are.

If you are one of the women who get it all the time, there is almost anything you won’t do to get rid of this suffering!


A great source of protein, but did you know they also reduce PMS and cramping? So if you know you are due, you better run down to the grocery store and stock up!

Other great foods are:

  • Spinach, White Beans, Strawberries, Fish,  Lemon, Lemon Juice/Water

IMG_2169Herbal Teas:
We all know herbal teas are great for your body, but did you know it helps with period pains too?

A lot of women find they forget to eat during their period. As great as it sounds not to desire to eat, you actually can make your period cramps worse! And who wants that…

You are always getting told that to drink water, but you really should be this time of month! Water aids in helping your body not bloating. It may make you pee a few extra times during the day but keeping your system flushed, stops the clots and avoid the cramps. It also helps stop the headaches, or nausea that some of us feel during this time.


 You hurt. You feel dirty.

The last thing you really feel like doing is going out and doing…anything.

But the best thing for period pain is for your body to be moving; so start dancing, stretching, exercising, etc.

Hot water bottles will also be your best friend when you go to bed!



Yes, tampons are a no no. If you suffer from period cramping, you should use pads…unless you are wanting to go swimming or something.

The very unnatural way to get rid of painkillers. But let’s be honest, most of the time, these work. And if you need the cramps to disappear quickly, you want them. Or at least feel like you do. If you can help it, you should avoid them. Because painkillers only numb the pain, once they wear off the pain only strengthens.

Salty Foods:
Salty Foods actually make cramps worse.

Sometimes it has to be done. You are not going to stop your life just because you are on your period. “Oh I am not coming to your birthday because I have a period.” Yeah….not going to happen. But if you can help it, avoid drinking when you are on it. Not only doesn’t it increase your body feeling sluggish

IMG_0186Dairy or Soy Products:
These products are notorious for causing menstrual cramps! This includes chocolate!!! Oh yeah, we know it sucks!

Swap your coffee with a herbal tea for this week. Better for your body and decreases that pain. But this is one thing I cannot follow… I am addicted to my morning coffee….

If you are stressed your body is more likely to get your period at an irregular time and come more painfully than usual. Stress is inevitable sometimes, but if you are in a stressful environment all the time and you are not dealing with it well, you may want to think of some ways to reduce stress.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have always wanted to travel back in time and live in a time era, but literally say that I want to take our modern female hygiene products with me… and as I researched about them this week it has made me even more grateful!

Forms of tampons have been around dated as far back as the Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Romans!
There are records that say the Egyptians used papyrus inserted into the vagina, and the Romans used wooden sticks wrapped in lint. Can you imagine that stuck up…there? OUCH

There are also records that they used a rag pouch suspended between thighs that caught the blood. So like a really bad version of a nappy….

Some women were forced to go into a “Menstrual Hut” and each week each month, they would go sit in the hut for a week and “free bleed”. Well that just sounds like oodles of fun…

Fast forwarding to WW1 nurses created disposable pads by using bandages that soaked up the blood and they would dispose of them once “full”.

My grandma has told me this was a similar sort of system during her lifetime as well.

So thankfully those bandage companies moved into focusing on women hygiene products and created the products we know today!

– Jecca xoxo

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