Victoria; Page out of History

19 Aug

As you walk down the brick pathway and past the old buildings, how many people have walked down this exact route you have.

This brick pathway been under your feet for hundreds of years and these buildings made before the telephone or car.

As I walk down in my short shorts and singlet top in this sticky summer heat, a woman walked where I am one hundred years ago sweating as she had to wear dresses that covered her ankles appropriately.

Step off the ferry onto the island, you are surrounded by busy roads and hustling cars. Then as you continue, you are surrounded by the farmlands of Saanich. But all within a half hour drive, you have made it.

To Victoria.

This is one of most beautiful and historic places you could see in North America. Located on Vancouver Island, the only way to get there is by ferry or seaplane…or swim, but that would be stupid.

This is the ideal place for “Flashback Week”, as travelling here is like stepping into a history book.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlthough clearly 2013, with the sounds of sirens and seaplanes surrounding, you stare at the Empress Building and forget that you are. As you see the horse and carriage ride trot past this incredible Fairmont Hotel, you become oblivious to the modern cars that are passing also. And you stop hearing the sirens and start only being able to hear the Jamaican saxophone player that stands outside daily busking.


At the wharf these is always something happening. Whether it be a man in a tuxedo riding a unicycle, or young people playing jazz, or a mermaid playing an accordion…(oh yes, you read that correctly…) there is always someone to watch.

The Parliament Building has to be one of the more amazing eyesores this island has to offer. Opened in 1898, this building looks exactly the same as it did the day it opened. Only its surroundings and the clothes of the people sitting on the front steps have changed.20130807-225847

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnother eyesore is the Craigdurroch Castle. A castle only a fifteen minute walk from downtown. A Scottish immigrant bought it in hopes to live in it with his family, but he unfortunately died the year before completion. His wife did get to live in it for a few years, but she soon passed as well. Since then the castle has been a hospital for the war, a music conservatorium and now a tourist destination.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd the last beauty we speak of will be the incredible Beacon Hill Park. Natural beauty at its finest. It has a tree in there planted by Winston Churchill himself in 1929! But the whole park is incredibly large and picture perfect. I can only imagine how many weddings or proposals have happened there…

There are so many incredible things on the whole island to do, but this is only Victoria! And not even everything to do there.

If you are looking for somewhere with plenty to do, but also has some history, this place is one to visit!

– Jecca xoxo


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