Candy Crush Saga

12 Aug

20130809-164840.jpgThis game is definitely ‘hot right now’.

But beware. It is addictive!

20130809-164853.jpgOh yes. Whether you play it or don’t, you know what this game is.

This game is highly addictive as it is popular.

This app has been in the top downloads for a few months and its popularity is not fazing quickly. With its constant upgrading and more levels being built; just when you think you have end it keeps going and you need to keep playing.

The only catch is. You need Facebook for it.

Yep. Just when I thought I had deleted Facebook for good… I missed my Candy Crush too much. So I had to skulk back…

First world problems…


It is 2am. You can’t sleep. Playing Candy Crush and no one is online to give you another life. This is desperate. But it works!

If you reset your clock on your iPad or phone, it resets the time on your lives so you do not have to wait half an hour!

It is not the world’s most convenient cheat, but when you are desperate, you are desperate!

Have fun Candy Crushing!!!!

– Jecca ❤




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