Big Brother Australia – Saturday Showdown

12 Aug

Big Brother has been around for so long, I think I can skip the whole introduction into what the show is about. What I want to review today is new games night introduced just last week called the Saturday Showdown, previously known as the Friday Night Live.



The positive about Saturday Showdown is that they don’t drag on for so long as the previous games, because it is all pre-recorded. But this leads to a few negatives! Now there isn’t a live audience and without the live audience, it is honestly pretty dull to watch. We need the atmosphere; we need to hear the laughter, the whispers, the gasping and giggles!

Michael and MikeAlso the presenting of the show seems a little tedious. There is no need for the host, Shelly Craft, to throw to the commentators, Mike Goldman and 2012 Big Brother contestant, Michael.

If anything, loose the host and just have the commentators or sit the host and the commentators together.. in front of a live audience.. but you don’t need to make it live… just make it feel like it’s live!

And while I’m at it, bring back some older contestants as guest commentators!

Fingers crossed Big Brother reads this post and quickly makes some changes, otherwise ratings will drop even more than what they already have.

They’re really only minor changes Big Brother, you can do it!

– Lights x


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