You Wished You Lived in the 1950s

29 Jul


When life seemed like perfection.
(Minus the whole sexist, racist, wars and what not thing we had going on….)
Putting aside all the big issues….just go with it. We are talking about the little things.

The dresses. The music. The simplicity. The diners. The happy families. The advertisements. The dancing.

It was modern enough to have cars, planes, telephones, televisions, but not too modern.

tumblr_mcmca9QFHU1rf49hdo1_500Don’t worry. I am completely aware that the 1950s came along with a lot of problems and it was inevitable for society to progress like we have. But there are so many elements that sometimes I wish had never progressed…or at least for a moment.

As much as we love our laptops, smartphones, tablets and all our gadgets, sometimes it is nice to think about how different friendships and relationships were without these gizmos.

I am all for the social networking and the instant texting and abuse the privilege. I mean, it is fantastic for when you are living on the other side of the world to your friends and family. But imagine how real friendships once were. Every time you wanted to speak to someone, you had to walk down the road, or you had to take the time to call them or stick pen to paper. The efforts were just so much more dramatic. If you wanted the friendship, true effort had to be put into it.

And can you imagine not growing up with a television? Or in colour?
It is a whirlwind to my brain that if born in a differentera, we would be listening to the radio for skits and weekly programmes. I Love Lucy on the television!


And what about going out?
When you went out with your friends of a night it was a different sort of scene. Instead of the need for intoxication, (which I do know was for some), the clubs were a little bit different. Almost everyone knew how to dance. And we are not talking about on top of tables. We are talking about swinging and jives. It doesn’t sound like everyone’s cup of tea, but imagine! Even learning those sorts of dances is something we never do in this day and age! If you did not go to the club you go hang out at we call the retro diners. There were jukeboxes, and milkshakes and possibly the odd people serving you on roller skates. Movie theatres were so much more exciting to go to because they were a treat.


I know there are a lot of down sides to the 1950s but in all honestly, it would be the time period I would pick to live. Though I am more than grateful that women’s hygiene for “that time of month” has improved though…. and that the “microwave” is a cheap invention….

But imagine…. Living in the 1950s.

!950s Stuff and Other Things To Look At

So what to do when you live in this era and not the one you want to be in?
Well take it by the chin and be grateful for all the amazing technology we do have. Although the “simple life” seems like a better way sometimes, it is important to remember that society progressed for a reason.

But it does not mean we need to forget the 1950s.

Watch I Love Lucy
Buy a record player and pulls out some of the records your grandparents or parents may still have.

Listen to some Elvis or Billy and the Comets

Go to an old fashioned diner

Dress up in the old fashions you may find in the op shops

And love the Fifties.

– Jecca


2 Responses to “You Wished You Lived in the 1950s”

  1. ruthclare July 29, 2013 at 4:16 am #

    Hi Jecca, to be honest, I’m so glad I stumbled across your blog, as I agree with pretty much every single word about what you’ve said in this post. I too would have picked the 1950s (as you say though, without the downsides). I often say as much to my long-suffering hubby! Thank you for your extremely well written post. I’m so glad I’ve found someone who thinks alike! Take care, Ruth 🙂

  2. Mumsie July 30, 2013 at 1:36 pm #

    Love the fifties, had its downsides absolutely but had such a lot of upsides.

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