Meeting Your Favourite Celebrity

29 Jul

IMG_0885We all have them.

Whether it be Ryan Gosling for the hot factor, One Direction for their talented and their accents, or Taylor Swift for her beauty… or whoever, you have one. Or ten.

This week’s theme is “Dreaming” and how could this be a better fit?

Well, this one is still on a lot of people’s to do list, and seems impossible, but it does happen for people! I mean, even celebrities get excited when they meet their celebrity crushes;

Taylor Meeting Her Celeb Crush:

Selena Meeting Her Celeb Crush:

Now, this is not us encouraging you to go on a stalking frenzy, but this is one of those ones to put on the bucket list and hope that it will happen for you. And you just never know!

But say the day does come along; here are some do and don’ts.

Don’t: Scream their name hysterically, run up to them and start hugging them….
Do: Remain calm!!!

Oh, don’t worry this would be hard to do, but just try!
The last thing you want to do is cause a scene. If you scream and run to them, other people will know it is them as well. They are normal people trying to go about their day. If you do want their autograph or photo, remember to just go up to them and politely ask for it, and then walk away! Let them know you think they are awesome and them let them continue with their day.

Don’t: Stop, stare and point.
Do: Smile at them, give a quick wave…

 Let’s not make this awkward. Staring creepily at someone is not only rude…but weird. We know its exciting but if you are going to stare make it subtle behind sunglasses or something….

Don’t: Follow them around trying to taken the perfect photo
Do: Keep it subtle, snap your photo and hope for the best.

Unless at a red carpet event, celebrities usually hate paparazzi. If these are your favourite celebrities, do you really want to be someone they hate? That is a little bit devastating….

But until then, just keep dreaming about the day!

– Jecca


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