Blackboard Pot Plants

29 Jul


Ever thought about growing your own herbs? Well stop thinking about it and start doing it! Here is a cute way to add a bit of funk to your kitchen window pot plants.

What you will need?
Terracotta pots
Masking tape
Blackboard paint
Paint brush


Step One
Take off any stickers that may be on your pots and give them a basic wipe down. Without water is preferable as you would need to give the pot time to dry before you start painting.

Step Two
Grab your masking tape and cover the top lips of your pot, trying to keep it as straight as you can.


Step Three
It’s time to paint!!! Depending on what brand of blackboard paint you have bought, you might need leave your paint to dry longer or shorter, mine was 2 hours between each coat. Paint the pots horizontally and try to keep the strokes long. Don’t use too much paint as you will be doing two coats.


Step Four
Once you’ve done your last coat of paint, let it dry and then remove the masking tape.


Grab some chalk and pretty it up!
Go crazy or keep it simple, and don’t forget to name what you’ve planted in each pot so you’ll know what’s growing.


Be sure to show us your own Blackboard Pot Plants!
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– Lights x


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