Pan-Cake To BB Cream Coverage

22 Jul

If you don’t have much money to spend, buying beauty products can be a little bit difficult… especially when it comes to foundations!!! But the thing is, all of us have different needs when it comes to the perfect coverage. I thought this week I would show you the cheap options for those who need max coverage to those who only need a little. Do you need the Pan-Cake or the BB cream coverage?


What is Pan-Cake?

Max Factor’s Pan-Cake was the first commercially available foundation for personal use, after being used on actresses and models in the business. Pan-Cake is a foundation that looks like a powder compact when bought, but can only be applied to the face when water has been added and mixed in the compact. This isn’t one of the easiest make-ups to apply as the right amount of water and consistency needs to be made and there is only a little bit of time you can blend the mix onto your face before it dries up.

As mentioned before, the Pan-Cake foundation is known to be used for models and actresses in front of the cameras and on stage. When worn in bright lights, the foundation washes out any spots or marks that can be typically seen. This product gives a porcelain doll-like look effect, the face appears smooth as the foundation dries up to a matte finish. If applied right, this make-up is perfect for those who need maximum coverage.

The Max Factor Pan-Cake foundation can be found for around $15 (Australian Dollars).


What is BB cream?

BB cream is what some like to say, an all-in-one beauty product to replace moisturizers, serums, foundations, primers and sunblock. BB standing for ‘beauty balm’ in Western countries was first popular in the Eastern countries, starting in Korea, known as the ‘blemish balm’. Most big make-up companies these days have their own BB creams and CC creams (CC stands for ‘colour correcting’, a refined version of the BB cream) for the normal to combination skin types.

The BB cream is easy to apply to the face and gives a healthy glow. It is usually thinner than most foundations and can be easily spread with just the fingers. Even though this product helps cover and treat blemishes on the skin from acne to age spots, I would recommend it for those who don’t need much coverage, as this might not give the desired concealment of scars or dark spots.

The Garnier BB Cream – Miracle Skin Perfector (pictured with Garnier’s Eye Roll-On) can be found for around $12 (Australian Dollars).

– Lights x


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