Movie: Despicable Me 2

22 Jul

Sequels. They seem to be the hit thing to do at the moment…

But in a way it is a good thing. People have already fallen in love with the characters, may as well keep us hooked?

But the problem with sequels is, they are usually not as good… It is very rare that you will have one as good as the original… They can be good, just not as good or they are a disaster….

This leads us to the recent releases in the box office.

Grown Ups 2 and Despicable Me 2 have kicked butt in the box office! Pacific Rim did not even compare to the sequels, like it was expected to.


But lets talk about Despicable Me…2!

Despicable Me 2 is the sequel to Despicable Me that came out in 2010 (yes, that’s right we only had to wait three years for this sequel!) by Universal Studios and Illumination Production.


The hilarious Steve Carroll plays the retired villain of Gru. Now that Gru has adopted his three gorgeous children, he has set his time working on creating a world of jams and jellys and being a good full time dad. But is it enough? As much as he loves his girls and loves being a father, can he ever really leave all the villain and taking over the world stuff behind?


The movie follows Gru new chapter in life, meeting some new hilarious characters and falling in love all over again with the old characters. I mean…who cannot love Anges…


The minions are adorable, cute and absolutely hilarious. Every time they are on the screen you are in stiches. But what I think makes this just so much better about the minions being so funny? It is teaching children to still love old fashioned slapstick comedy. Because the minions speak their own language, and you don’t know what they are saying, it is all about the gestures, the facial expressions and the over exaggerated movements. The old art of Charlie Chaplin is still in our theatres! This makes me delighted!


This movie is a must see this summer!

– Jecca


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