Beach Babe Waves

22 Jul

Beach babe textured waves:

Wanting that care-free-yet-absolutley-gorgeous look that all those beach babes seem to have? Well fret no more, I got you covered!

With these simple steps, you can have those summer wavy locks all year round!

All that is needed:

-Curl Controller (Suggested Garnier Fructis Style- Thermo Active Spray Curl Control)

-Hair Straightener

-Hair Mousse (Suggested Herbal Essence Set Me Up Mousse)

-Your gorgeous locks!



Step 1:

Prep hair by applyinga Curl stay product to damp hair









Step 2:

IMG_20130716_030458Part hair down the middle, and divide hair into 3-5 sections on one side. Then divide hair on the other side.





Step 3:

IMG_20130716_030808Get one section of hair, and split in to two. Twist hair as tightly as possible, working down to the ends.


Step 4:

IMG_20130716_031058Run a hair straightner over the twisted hair, hold until it cools.

Repeat Step 3 and Step 4 with other sections of hair.


Step 5:

Apply mouse to all twisted sections of hair. Leave the hair in twisted sections for as long as needed – 15- 30 mins (the longer it stays in, the better the results).


Step 6:

PhotoGrid_1373952374573Untwist hair, and break up any remaing twists by running fingers through hair.



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