Easy by Tammara Webber

22 Jul

College girl Jacqueline is on her way back to her dorm after a frat house party when she’s attacked, and by someone she knows. Unable to fight or defend herself, she fears the worst when suddenly she’s saved. Unknown by her, Jacqueline’s saviour has been watching her. Could there be something between them or is he just a perfect rebound guy?

When I picked up this book, I didn’t know one of the issues faced would be rape. I’m glad I didn’t know because I might not have read what is now one of my favourite books. Trying to talk about such a sensitive issue as rape can be quite hard, but the author, Tammara Webber, deals with it honestly and delicately. I learnt so much from Jacqueline’s experience and found myself motivated to try a few new things, which I can’t mention without ruining the story line so you will need to read the book yourself!!!

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is all serious and no fun, this story follows Jacqueline’s college life filled with romance, new friendships, heart breaks, girl power and irresistible eye candies, all with the expected stress of assignments and much needed coffee runs. You might even find yourself feeling like your back at college/university again, I did!  *Minus the American Frat and Sorority houses*

Tammara Webber, Author of 'Easy'.

Tammara Webber, Author of ‘Easy’

The characters were so easy to relate too and the flow of the story is so effortless, you will probably find it hard to put the book down after the very first sentence. The perfect mix of all good things, my favourites being the hero, mystery and romance, there is no denying the power of this story and why it is loved by so many!

That is why I highly recommend Easy by Tammara Webber for all ladies to read!
Don’t miss out on this incredibly beautiful story.

– Lights x

p.s. Check out Tammara Webber’s Blog and see her very own song choices, for each chapter, to listen along too while you read!
Love it!!!


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