TV: North America

15 Jul

North America

images-1Documentaries have never been something that I have been able to sit down and enjoy. Who wants to listen to a male with a deep voice make something very dramatic that is not even dramatic…

But this is one that has out done itself. North America is one of the most incredible documentaries that has been created this century.

images-3Five years of filming in all conditions and a seven part series, this will blow your mind. You have not seen photography like this. The directors, producers and videographers were brilliant to put this together! The diverse weather conditions they would have had to endure to get these shots are crazy. This is dedication at its finest.

 Here is a short clip of one of the shows:


This series is inevitably set in North America and explores the landscapes and animals and how to live in their habitats. Even if you are not from North America, you will find this interesting. There are so many funny little moments that the animals do. I can assure you that at least in one clip you will be amazed.

 With over 2,800 days in the field covering 8 countries and 29 U.S. states, this series reveals the full wonders of the North American continent as never before.

If you are not interested in sitting and watching the whole thing, you can watch heaps of clips on the Discovery Channel website,

This is definitely recommended.

Here is one more clip to finish with.




One Response to “TV: North America”

  1. Ellen July 15, 2013 at 11:26 am #

    Just watched the link… Absolutely amazing!

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