Travis Pastrana

15 Jul

This is not so much an entry of what to put on your bucket list, this is an entry to go with our theme!

TPTravis Pastrana.
Travis who?
Winning championships, gold medal and making history at X-Games, is the creator of the show and stunt group Nitro Circus and now competes in NASCAR.
Still not ringing a bell? Well… what about the guy who jumped out of an aeroplane after throwing down a red bull in those advertisements a few years ago? That guy!

Travis Pastrana is an inspiration for living his life to the fullest.

“If you say you’re going to do something, do it.”

Although you may not want to be jumping over buildings with motorbikes or jumping 269 feet in the air in a rally car… this should inspire you to write your bucket list.

Or maybe jumping a motorbike off the Grand Canyon…

 “Everything is impossible until someone does it.”

images-4Travis since being a young boy never seemed to suffer from the emotion of “fear”. He never let anything stop him from doing what others said he couldn’t. And this refusal of fear and determination helped him become the best motor cross rider the world had seen. By the mere age of 16 Travis won the X-Games with the highest ever score (at the time) of 99.0 points!

He set out to push the limits and cross everything he has done off his bucket list.


He is not just a motor cross champion, but he helped with the creation of the MTV show Nitro Circus. This show also travels the world doing stunt tours. The television show seemed to be the more thought through version of Jackass. The stunts all had a purpose-just to do them, but the aim was not to get hurt. The tour and show is addictive with pumping adrenaline and fear for them. Travis would always be the first to try and the last to fail.

“Every opportunity offers a new path in life. Remember, there are no wrong turns.” 

images-5Of course, accomplishing your dreams comes with a price. Travis’ bucket list is a little bit more dare devil than most people… And Travis’ price for his dream sounds more than painful… With over sixty broken bones by 2007, it was clear that Travis’ dreams came with pain. But the determination continued… Travis astounds and tests doctors continuously. He has had so many concussions that he should have been brain dead! Ridiculous…

But he doesn’t let them stop him.

“Today’s limits shouldn’t be tomorrow’s.” 

So are you inspired?

Start writing your bucket list!

“Do great things — even if no one is watching.”



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