Miley Cyrus: We Can’t Stop

8 Jul

Music: Miley Cyrus
“We Can’t Stop”


Miley Cyrus has always known how to bring attention to herself, and it doesn’t stop with her latest film clip for the summer anthem, “We Can’t Stop”. We just don’t know if it is good or bad… Or if it is good or bad attention she wants?

This film clip is definitely an unusual one. And whether you love it or hate it, everyone wants to watch it at least once to see what is going on. But it is interesting to see with the 49 million views on VEVO there are 389 000 (ish) likes for the video, but closely behind there are 312 000 (ish) dislikes on the video. This seems to show that as popular as this song is, it has its critics.

The video is a party at a house. It includes cutting off fingers with pink goo blood, twerking, smoke genitals, pool party, dancing with teddy bears, kissing blown up girls, smashing a pinyata full of cigars, Miley lying and singing on a bed and in a bathtug; lots of random tid bits.

This film clip is far from the debut single for this singer, but it is her debut single for “The New Miley”. Ditching her Disney image, the singer/actress is making it clear that she is no longer Hannah Montana. Dancing on a bed making sexual body movements and provocative facials expressions, we can imagine this was never in the Hannah Montana film clips. With an extremely catchy tune, the party, drug, sleeping around references clear throughout this song; one thing is for sure.

We get it Miley. You grew up.


But is this video Miley genuinely showing that she has grown up and is “enjoying” her twenties with the freedom of making your own path brings? Or is this her “trying too hard” to shed every thing she can of her once Disney star image?


Or are we picking on her because she is doing film clips like everyone else? Would we have cared this much about the film clip if she did not have her Disney past?


Tell us what you think!


One Response to “Miley Cyrus: We Can’t Stop”

  1. Pinsey July 8, 2013 at 8:50 am #

    No, it’s not ‘enjoying the twenties’ at all, she tried way to hard to be something she’s not, now I don’t know who she is, bit I know that this song def isn’t her. It’s trashy, vain. And it just doesn’t suit her.

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