K.I.S.S. Yourself Beautiful

8 Jul

C’mon ladies, join me by taking a step back.
Since when did you have to buy one hundred and one different cosmetic products to look beautiful? We are becoming BIG suckers to the consumer corporations who are making us believe we need things we really don’t!! It’s time we all stoped and went back to basics… starting with K.I.S.S.

Keep It Simple, Silly!

You don’t need to over complicate things when it comes to looking after yourself. Stick to the simple and basic things in life and you can stay youthful and radiant for many years to come. How you treat your body in your twenties is important for your future – do it right now and you’ll thank yourself later.

So here are some simple tips to help you staying beautiful, along with my simple little drawings!

WaterLet’s start with water.
Do you really drink enough water each day? I’m not talking about the coffees or teas, soft drinks or juices you have… I’m talking about plain water. If you’re not drinking the right amounts, there is honestly no point in applying all the foundations and creams in the world! Keep yourself hydrated!!! Even if you only start with 3-4 cups of water a day – it’s a start.

FoodWhat foods do you eat?
Do you eat fast food every day? How about your fruit and vegetables, are you eating two fruits and five vegetables each day? To keep yourself beautiful you’ll need the right fuel to keep your body going. You’ve heard them all before – antioxidants, omega 3, fibre, iron, the list goes on. Keep everything in moderation (yes you can still eat that chocolate) and make sure your body is receiving all of natures own beauty helping ingredients.

ExerciseStop hating the word ‘exercise’.
I used to hate the thought of exercising when I was younger. I was never sporty, anything to do with being physical was like torture. But as the years went on and I piled on the weight, I knew there was no escaping it. I later realised it was my fears that made me hate exercising – my fear of pain and appearance (I don’t want to be sweaty if I don’t have too!). So, like you do with any fear, I faced mine. Now I’m joined at a gym and LOVE running! Keep your blood pumping by exercising at least three days a week. Try it yourself and I guarantee you’ll notice a BIG difference in the way you feel and eventually look. Bikini season, here we come!

MoisturiseKeep moisturised.
When I was a really young girl, I remember seeing my mum buy Olay when she was in her late twenties. I had asked her why she was buying old ladies cream, it just seemed so bizarre – especially since she didn’t have any wrinkles! She told me if she used the products now, there wouldn’t be so many wrinkles to hide later. That was when I learnt prevention is the key. So make sure after your showers you apply your moisturiser to help prevent any long term damages to your skin.

SleepGet your BEAUTY sleep!
You’ve heard it before and it’s time for you to get your ‘beauty sleep’. We might be resting but our body is hard at work, getting us recharged for the next day to come. Lack of sleep can lead to weight gain, heart disease, and memory loss! But too much sleep can also be bad for us as it can disrupt our blood sugar levels – a concern that can lead to type 2 diabetes. So what is the ideal hours of sleep each night? Aim for 8 whole hours of sleep which means 1/3 of your day is nothing but catching up on those zzz’s!

Follow the K.I.S.S. and you’ll be keeping yourself beautiful for the many years to come!

Last, but not least, beauty is more than what you see on the outside, it’s on the inside too. Who you are as person, how you treat others and life in general – that there is true beauty.

– Lights x


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