He’s No Good For You!

8 Jul

You’re with a guy, at first it’s amazing! You fell for him. Time spent together was fun, exciting and then it turns … sour. He’s cheating on you, lying, using you, ditching you! Your friends say he shouldn’t be treating you like that!!!
Your stuck because your feelings for him are still strong, but deep down you know you should leave the relationship. You just don’t know how.

Does this sound like you?

*This post is dedicated to all my friends who have left those rotten d**** and ended up finding their perfect guys. It was hard at the start… but the end results were amazing!

This situation is a hard place to be in. Emotions tend to get the best of us and it can be hard to even admit you need to leave a relationship, especially when you still have strong feelings for the partner. If you are at this stage or realise the relationships needs to end because your partner isn’t treating you right, congratulations because you’ve made it over the first big hurdle – you are not in denial. There can be no moving forward without realising there is a problem.

Recently a friend of mine was in a relationship with an absolute tool!
This guy just wanted her for sex, to be driven to his basketball games and more sex. He would ditch dates with her to go and hang out with his mates, some of these ‘mates’ were females he would go on weekend trips with. Long story short, my friend knew she needed to leave him but was finding it hard because she still had strong feelings for him.

So how do you leave a guy that’s no good for you?

It's Over

You need to end it.
Not by a message, over the phone or online, you need to do it face to face and you need to be strong. Let them know you don’t want to be in the relationship and that you deserve to be treated better. Be prepared for your partner to try and change your mind or say rude things to you. Best bet is to have a friend close by, so you’ll have the support you need.

Give yourself space from the guy.
It might be hard if you have the same friends but it is needed. It will also help if you delete them off your social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc. If the guy was a real jerk, make sure you delete his number, messages and DON’T answer his calls.

Pre-occupy your time.
Pick up a few extra shifts at work (if you don’t work with the guy), hang out with some of your friends, see the family, read or start a hobby. Eventually you will be able to move on, it won’t be easy, but in the end it is worth it.

So what happened to my friend?
She followed the advice and is now ready to find the right guy for her.
The tool is no more!!!

Two of my other friends have been through a similar experience and now they are in relationships with their perfect guys. You won’t be able to find the perfect guy for you if you are stuck with one that’s no good for you. Don’t waste another minute in a relationship you don’t feel right in.

Now it’s up to you…

– Lights x


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