Mountain/Downhill Biking

1 Jul

Adrenaline pumping.
Calves burning.
Forehead sweating.
Hands gripping for life on those handle bars.

Mountain and Downhill Biking.

You definitely have to have some guts…and recommend safety equipment for these sports. There have been many an accident and broken bones because of this sport… going over the handlebars appears to be the most common… But if you can stay on the bike, these sports are endless fun!

If you are confused, mountain biking is going up the hill, and downhill is about going down the hill. Mountain biking usually requires a lot more leg strength and physical fitness. The main goal is to get to the top of the mountain in good time. Downhill biking is all about the journey downhill. If you are going to a riding mountain, you chuck your bike on a lift and it takes you up to the top. Downhill is about riding over the rocks, and doing jumps and balancing on tight bridges. It does require a little bit fast-thinking and skill…and yes some physical fitness.

Apart from the whole….breaking your bones “thing”, the downside to this sport; is that it kind of requires you to have a bit of saved up dosh in that back pocket. The bikes are about a grand, and the equipment will cost you close to another thousand once you get fully set up. But once you are set up, you don’t have much to pay for in terms of upkeep. Of course, if you are just giving this a try, hiring is always an option!


Both sports are amazing fun and can be done pretty much anywhere in the world…the only catch is you need some sort of mountain to do it on…because doing “mountain biking” on a flat area…is probably going to be a mission…. Mountain biking, you just really need a bike and a helmet. As for downhill biking, this sport is popular across North America and parts of Europe. They transform particular ski hills into downhill bike areas. Whistler and Kicking Horse in British Columbia, Canada, are two fantastic hills that have paths for all skill types and made to cater for both sports.

So for summer….THIS SPORT IS IN and on the Bucket List.



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