Book: Love The One You’re With, Emily Giffin

1 Jul

Review: Book
Love The One You’re With
By Emily Giffin

LovetheOne-1.jpgHaving never read one of Emily Giffen’s books before, and her being on the New York Times Bestselling Author lists many a time, I did not know what to expect. But I was pleasantly surprised.

The book ‘Love The One You Are With’ is not a dramatic book of any sorts. It deals with more of the everyday drama that a woman may face when it comes to matters of the heart. On the back blurb it reads,


It is about a woman named Ellen who has the perfect marriage with a loyal man named Andy. One day Ellen runs into an old flame named Leo. Leo was a man from her past that always felt like ‘the one who got away’. Leo left her heartbroken almost a decade before her and had always bought out the worst in her but nevertheless, she could never forget him. After running into him, he does not leave her mind and although battling her better judgement, she has to decide if she should love the one she is with, Andy or live the life she has never forgotten with Leo.

Because it is not a very dramatic book, which seems to be predominantly popular, it is surprisingly addictive to know what happens. It is a book when you put it down, you just want to pick it back up to find out how she lead character deals with the situation.  Emily is a talented writer who has the ability to make you feel that you are the main character. She is very descriptive. The short chapters helped with ensuring the scenes didn’t seem too long.

There were several different characters in the book, which enabled the reader to be able to relate to at least one. And if you have an ex, this story will have something to relate to as well.

The book deserves a three out of five stars. Although it was extremely well written and refreshingly deals with matters of the heart, it did feel like it was missing something. Definitely worth a read, but I would not say that it goes on the top book shelf.  But I am definitely intrigued to read more by this author.

– Jecca


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