You Want to Get Rid of Coldsores…Fast!

31 Oct

Cold Sores are gross… 
No one wants them, but when you do get one, all you do is want it gone!

Here are some quick tips to help!!

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Why You Need Coconut Oil Right Now!

5 Apr

So your hair is feeling like a birds nest and your skin is feeling rougher than sandpaper? And now you have a headache because you don’t know which beauty product out of the hundreds on shelf in front of you are legitimately going to fix this? It’s alright, take a deep breath and now repeat after me, ‘Coconut Oil is all I need!’.

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Happy Belated New Year!

1 Mar

Can you believe we are already heading into the THIRD month of 2014?! We hope you all had a lovely holiday and are still achieving some… or at least ONE of your New Year goals.

Be sure to keep an eye out for our new posts as we head back to blogging here on The Twenty Somethings. We have some exciting things to look forward… like a special birthday on March 6th!

And a very special mention to CHOOKIE who has finally joined us in the 20’s!

For now, here’s a picture of what it’s like to watch Disney in your 20’s…

Disney Life

Au Revoir!

Jecca, Chookie & Lights x

Vain or Appreciative?

18 Dec

The older generations are constantly bagging us out.

The Hashtags. The Food Pictures. The Selfies.

But is it really as vain as they say?

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Attention Followers!!!

20 Nov

The Twenty Somethings is having a bit of a break.

Our lives have got a little bit hectic, and it gets very hard to keep the regular posting.

We have so appreciated your follows, and we will return!

But Jecca is continuing on a different blog, a bit of a different direction though,
Feel free to check it out!!!

– Lights, Jecca & Chookie

Adriano Zumbo – Choc Raspberry Macarons

9 Nov

1420427_740764625937601_948268275_nWe all love Macaroons!

They are cute, and delicious! 

But we have found an awesome box recipe, that makes baking these beauties fun and simple.

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Bonfire Hearts- James Blunt

8 Nov

Title pic He is back!

Remember that song that everybody was singing back in 2005, which goes a little something like this:

You’re beautiful
You’re beautiful
You’re beautiful it’s true!
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Starbucks Sherbet Drink Combo

7 Nov

IMG_20131103_190503No, it is not on the menu. 

But as a barista, we see a lot of combinations, and it is awesome!
We love these drinks that people come up with!

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The Strip, Las Vegas, Nevada

5 Nov

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAViva Las Vegas Baby!!!!!!!

The Ultimate US Destination on everybody’s list!!!!

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Charity Work

4 Nov

TitleWe as young people can sometimes forget how blessed we are to live the lives that we have. Not only do we have easy access to the essential needs in life (food, running water, housing) but we also have easy access to the unnecessary goods (mobile phones, computers, clothes, cars)!

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